Andy has always enjoyed helping people, he would be found at the beach in his early years, which grew into a role as a Beach Lifeguard with the, then newly formed, Branksome Chine SLSC. Educated at Sherrier, Canford Heath Middle, Poole Grammar, North Staffs Poly, Loughborough University, ending up with a passion for IT and Human Factors (Ergonomics).

Working life started young, part-time work in Ferndown, as a teenager, internship (1 year) in Farnborough, Ergonomist full-time in Gatwick (3 years) and then Houston/Sugar Land (17 years) – all for Schlumberger. Released from Schlumberger in 2016 after 20 years of fabulous projects with great teams of people, using some amazing technology. http://www.slb.com

A life long Christian, loves visiting old Churches in England. First Church was in Lutterworth, UK, St.Mary’s, the home of John Wycliffe (bible translator). On moving to Poole, UK, St. Paul’s became our family Church, and growing up through Sunday School, Youth group are treasured memories. Moving to Sugar Land, TX, we joined Holy Cross Church in 1998 and it is now our home. (Married in Our Lady of Dover, we visit every summer)

Made to help other people, at the core of Ergonomics is to help people be more productive – in my Christian life we are called to help make things better and to look after those less fortunate than ourselves. At Holy Cross we try to be involved in the many mission projects, working with Hearts in Motion (foreign missions to Central America), Lord of the Streets (feeding the homeless in Houston) and Attack Poverty (home repairs in Richmond, TX)



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