Common Sense at Work

Common Sense is not so common – my Grandfather taught me this. You see concepts everyday that make total sense to you but someone else of seemingly similar competence has a big problem with that very same concept.

And this is where we started with Workplace Sense – things that seem to make perfect sense to us but we do not see happening in reality at work.

The trouble is common sense is not easy until I tell you about it – and then it is too late – now you know it is obvious. The best thing about this is what you do with it – will you learn or will you go back to your old ways.

Changing behaviour much like changing culture is a very hard and the long you have been doing it the more difficult it is.

In a safety culture we know that we can stop the job at any time, but does this go beyond safety issues, productivity for example – can you stop the job to make a change that will mean better production in the same way you could for an unsafe act. Are you empowered to do this?

This type of maturity to learn from “common” sense make changes and see the benefits is exactly where the Ergonomist wants to help. Of course now I have told you this it is obvious – but what will you do with it?


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