Happy New Year, new start

Another year has flown by – since I started this blog I got bogged down after 3 months and wanted to make sure the posts were good quality. Which added up to analysis paralysis.. classic!

Quick summary of 2016.
January started well, completed an external ISO audit for Schlumberger, ended with a layoff (release). February was a re-alignment time, and an opportunity to help some people. March flew by, Spring Break etc and even though April was a long month it went fast. Finishing March with Easter, and having Mum and Dad here was fabulous, but then having them leave was hard. April in England is known for its “Rain showers” – and Daisy has being saying “April Showers bring May Flowers”.This April, in Houston, the showers came – and then came the RAIN! May was more RAIN but good opportunities to help people who had been flooded out. June, July, August – School holidays, mission trip, vacation in the UK and lots of fun. September, back to reality “what am I going to do?”. October, decision time. November, paperwork and website building. December, take over – Workplace Sense is mine (Sorry Dad, time for you to retire)
All caught up!

So here we are January 2017, owner of my own consultancy – Workplace Sense, LLC
http://www.workplacesense.com – nice one page site, email andrew@


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