Task Analysis, is a critical tool for an Ergonomist. Understanding the who, what, when, where, why, and how, of the users tasks make the job of the Ergonomist real.

Over the years I have taught/encouraged many of my colleagues to do this, and why it is important. I was lucky enough to learn this from the best, our Loughborough lecturers Andrew Shepherd and Tom Ormerod (early 1990’s, amazing).

Google brought me this overview:
The key players here are
– John Annett, Keith Duncan, Andrew Shepherd, Thomas Ormerod, Neville Stanton

Dig a little deeper and you find this from Neville Stanton

So.. how is this different to Use Cases or User Stories (or User Cases)?

Task Analysis at its core takes the goals a person has in performing a particular job, role, operation and breaks them down to provide an understanding of the problems. Shedding light on these performance problems then leads to areas of interest for improvements.



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