March Madness

Lots to do, and so little time. How is that possible? I have lots of time – right?

Soccer has taken over our Spring – practices, games, small tournaments, and more practices. Steven and Daisy have been playing well this Spring, “thinking” more about their game and using their team mates (not always taking the shot). Sophie has been referee for the younger kids and is getting more confident in the job.
Long Saturdays and lots of fun.

Grandma and Grandad arrived, and were able to spend Spring Break and Easter with us. This really helped with my “Honey-Do” list as I got a lot of assistance from my Dad.

Spring Break was a return to Panama City Beach, Florida. Staying in a nice 3 bedroom Condo, overlooking the beach. As normal a rainy start, and drive. Arriving on the Sunday, the rain was departing and the storm left a nice swell with waves to play in. 3 days of nice weather and then the clouds and rain came over. We had 2 nice beach days, a boat day, time with the Dolphins at Gulf World, and managed to visit 2 sets of friends who now live in the area. A very relaxing week.

Coming home, it was then time to get ready for Easter.

This year the Lenten season was particular good for me, having increased my fasting, spending more time at Church and being able to attend a study course on Spiritual Simplicity. As a bonus I also lost some weight, about 15 pounds, which with all the swimming and surfing over Spring Break has given me a lot more energy.

Getting ready for Easter with Mum and Dad was fun, basically lots of shopping for gifts (and as a by-product, gifts for myself). Over the week between Spring Break ending and Easter Weekend, I spent a lot of time with Mum and Dad, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Easter Weekend flew by, girls had soccer on Saturday, Steven did not, and then it was Easter Morning. Waking up early, as I do now, excited and ready to hunt for Easter eggs (yes, I am more excited than the kids). Time to celebrate.

Easter Sunday – Church, and a fun afternoon with friends, family, BBQ’ing and swimming. Ending the fast in spectacular fashion.

During the week, Mum and Dad had determined they would drive to see some friends in Arizona for the week after Easter. Which meant I needed to do some of the “Honey-do” list. 1. The Jeep needed a service and 2. The Minivan needed a new headliner. Both were achieved just in time and I felt so much better knowing that they would be driving my car after I knew all was safe.

And so.. we head to the end of March – busy and happy – with not a worry in the world.

Final Four tournament came to Houston and everyone was excited. What a finish!

March Madness indeed.

(I did no real work in March, that was the Madness)