Fun in February

January did not seem to end well. Working for one company for the last 20 years the run came to an end. I was laid-off/released/reduced, however you put it, not needed at the office. Strange feeling.

So February ran around and I decided I would get everything in order, paperwork – love it.

Help – Then I was asked to help in a small Mission project, a couple needed help with a bathroom in their trailer in North Richmond. How could I say “No” – I was after all free. And it sounded fun.

I was told a 3 or 4 day project. So I cleared my week. Found my steel toed boots and showed up at 9.30am Monday morning.

Demo Day – Demolition Day (not a pretend show and tell – smoke and mirrors)
Tear out the bath, sink, toilet, vanity – oh and the floor.
A lot of FUN. And glad I was wearing my steel toed boots.

Demo Day – lots of fun

Floor Fixing – Still day one, and we got after rebuilding. Some of the floor underpinnings were very soft, so we took them out and repair them. Easy when you know how – and have a nail gun.
Then a layer of board went over the top of this to give a firm foundation. This was thicker than I thought and quite heavy.

Solid floor – a firm foundation

Floor covering – Linoleum was chosen to cover the floor. Only available in a certain size sheet/roll we knew it would interesting to cut it to size. Fortunately one of our crew had done this before and was able to guide us through it. The left over material was used by the homeowner to cover some other floor in the trailer – waste not, want not!

Glue on the floor, linoleum in coming

End of Day One!

Day Two started with a Thunderstorm. Sitting in a mobile/trailer home in a Thunderstorm with some wind – pushing the structure around – is very disconcerting for me.

Installing the Bath Tub – A very strange size, 54 inches long/short. We found one in a town close-by and were able to pick it up first thing in the morning. By 10am we had it in the bathroom and had checked that it would fit, that the drain pipe would work and then realized we needs some more plumbing pieces.

Plumbing, plumbing and more plumbing – The bath tub plumbing had us stumped for a little while, which meant a trip to the store (the first of many). The toilet had been delivered on Day One, but without the bath tub being finished we could not place it. The vanity arrived at lunchtime, along with pizza, and more plumbing challenges. Mobile home plumbing and pipes are not the same as regular plumbing and pipes, this took us all afternoon to figure out.

Finish the Bath Tub first – priority one was the bath tub, so we focussed on that.
1. Make it stable, put a pile of cement under the center, support where the legs and side were not. This was messy, but a good thing to do.
2. Got the drain plumbing done.
3. Install the walls, this sounds easy but is a multistep process
a. First dry fit, and make sure it fits, of course it does, but then you realize there is a window.
b. Cut holes for window, tub filler, shower head, hot and cold taps. Did I mention the window.
c. Glue it – a special glue and lots of it.
d. Nail it – special rivet type plastic nails are provided with the bath kit to attach the walls to the frame.
4. Shower head, incredibly difficult to fiddle the pipe into a fitting behind the wall. But, eventually, perseverance got it.

Trim it – while the vanity plumbing was still causing trouble, we could start patching the walls and putting up the trim (baseboard, made of foam) – and again a small nail gun made light work of this. Cutting on a table (chop) saw was easy, measure twice.

Vanity or Toilet – both is best. So we divided the team to work on both. The toilet was pretty easy, and after one small leak we were done in about 20 mins. The vanity was another matter. The plumbing! The drain line went through the drawers of the vanity, so we trimmed the drawer to make sure it would be able to work (if a little shorter). The hot and cold pipes were horrible – a torture to work on – under the sink, in the vanity and in need of more adapters. More trips to the supply shop.

And then it was done..!! 4 men, 2 days – great fun!

The finished product



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