Common Sense at Work

Common Sense is not so common – my Grandfather taught me this. You see concepts everyday that make total sense to you but someone else of seemingly similar competence has a big problem with that very same concept. And this is where we started with Workplace Sense – things that seem to make perfect sense to […]

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Happy New Year, new start

Another year has flown by – since I started this blog I got bogged down after 3 months and wanted to make sure the posts were good quality. Which added up to analysis paralysis.. classic! Quick summary of 2016. January started well, completed an external ISO audit for Schlumberger, ended with a layoff (release). February was […]

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Task Analysis, is a critical tool for an Ergonomist. Understanding the who, what, when, where, why, and how, of the users tasks make the job of the Ergonomist real. Over the years I have taught/encouraged many of my colleagues to do this, and why it is important. I was lucky enough to learn this from […]

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March Madness

Lots to do, and so little time. How is that possible? I have lots of time – right? Soccer has taken over our Spring – practices, games, small tournaments, and more practices. Steven and Daisy have been playing well this Spring, “thinking” more about their game and using their team mates (not always taking the […]

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My very first job was as an Ergonomist in an Industrial Design team. In such a small team, just 3 designers, I was able to have my hands on all of their projects. Industrial Design is an incredible art form, the ability to distill a problem, produce multiple “concepts”, detail one or more idea to a […]

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Fun in February

January did not seem to end well. Working for one company for the last 20 years the run came to an end. I was laid-off/released/reduced, however you put it, not needed at the office. Strange feeling. So February ran around and I decided I would get everything in order, paperwork – love it. Help – […]

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February Foster. Powder came to us as a 5 month old puppy, underweight and with demodex. Throughout the month she has gained weight and has now tested negative for demodex. She was so small she could get out of the house via the cat door, so we changed the cat door for a dog door, […]

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